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Who are Privitas Solutions?

  • Our company is small and agile, making it easier for us to react to your requirements more quickly than the competition.

  • Our network of associates means we have access to a huge range of skills and experience gained for working with over 20 Blue Chip companies delivering over 500 projects, large and small.

  • Our rates will always be competitive, and we offer you value for money.

  • As part of our commitment to your Business we will always undertake skills and knowledge transfer to your people before finishing any assignment. That way you know that your people will be able to continue driving your Business forward.

  • We will ensure that our people integrate with your existing Management team whilst retaining their independent views in support of their assignment.
  • The most important issue for us is ensuring that our consultants are seen as part of the team
  • Using Industry standard processes and procedures defined within the IT Service Management Model, and the APM Project Management framework.
  • We will work closely with your Management team to identify how your IT systems can better support your Business goals and strategies.
  • Our experts will not only identify where changes are required, but can also incept and manage relevant Change projects on your behalf to implement and drive through the recommendations.









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