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Privitas Solutions Consultancy Services 

Service Management Consultancy

  • We work with a wide range of experienced consultants who have won renown for their clear thinking and customer focus with a range of blue-chip companies

  • Our network of associates enable us to tailor our Services to meet your Business needs

  • We are dynamic, adaptable and Customer focussed, and our rates are always competitive

  • Our primary goal is meeting Customer expectations
  • We have experience in implementing, managing, and redesigning Service Management processes
  • Our consultants have also successfully completed a number of Service Design activities and have a wealth of experience and expertise in the creation of Service Documentation, including Operations Manuals, Service And Operational Level Agreements, and Service Description Documents

Project Management Consultancy

  • We have a track record of delivering Projects on time and within budget

  • Our consultants easily integrate with your staff, and simply become 'Part of the Team'

  • We use industry standard Project Management methods and tools to ensure quality delivery

  • Our Customer Service ethos ensures that our Consultants quickly fit in with your style, culture and ways of working
  • Our aim is to ensure that not only is your project delivered on time, to specification, and within budget; but also that we have undertaken knowledge transfer to ensure your people can continue our good work once our consultants move on.